Ms Alokananda Roy is a classical dancer, dance educationist, choreographer and social worker.
Ms Roy is a cultural icon in Bengal as also elsewhere across the globe. She has had an amazing journey over the course of 50 years on the professional stage where she made her debut at the tender age of four. Ms Roy had her formal training under Ms Manjulika Das; Bharat Natyam under Mr Maruthappa Pillai, and Odissi under Ms Sanjukta Panigrahi.

She also has a diploma in Rabindra Sangeet from Dakshinee; a political science honours degree from Calcutta University; a certificate of excellence in vocal music from Dakshinee; a diploma in pianoforte from Trinity College London; training in classical ballet Russian style from Calcutta School of Music; Miss Calcutta Title in 1969; Miss India first runner up in 1969; The Sanskrit Parishad Award; The Gold Medal of Shri Shikshayatan College, as well as honorary citizenship of the city of Clarksville, USA.

She had been granted as an “A” category artist of Doordarshan since 1976. Her Tagore dance drama such as ‘Shyama’, ‘Chitrangada’ and ‘Chandilika’, are legends as are her classical dance items and innovative choreographic creations on classical style such as ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Meghdoot’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Shringar’, and finally her own magnum opus, ‘Amrapali’.

She has performed all over the country and the world to full houses and in prestigious events . Ms Roy also has a dance school of her own – ‘Chandanaloke’. She is a deeply spiritual person with an unshakeable faith in the Divine and a lifelong devotee of Aurobindo and the mother. Her overriding humanity had in recent years drawn her increasingly into the cause of underprivileged children who she looks after through her „Inspiration Foundation‟ and she is also associated with several organizations dealing with them such as Calcutta Social Project, Calcutta Samaritans, Women’s Interlinked, and Anandan.

Alokananda Roy’s NGO Inspiration Foundation In Kolkata was developed for the unprivileged children and as a social worker Alokananda Roy is dealing with several NGO’s and organizations like ‘Touch World‘, ‘Calcutta Social project‘ and etc. Over the years, Alokananda Roy continues her social work through Dance Therapy, Cultural Therapy at Presidency Correctional Home (Alipur jail) at Kolkata. The convicts of Presidency Jail gets the opportunity to learn & perform under Alokananda Roy who provides ‘Dance Therapy‘ [ a part of Cultural Therapy ] to bring jail inmates into main stream of life.
Alokananda Roy has successfully changed so many victim’s life and able to transform them as normal human being who are living with pride & social responsibilities.

Early Life

Alokananda Roy began her life as a dancer at the age of four, at the Children’s Little Theatre (CLT).
She traveled and performed all over India with CLT. From the age of eleven she has been a professional performer.

Her formal training in dance started under Manjulika Das in 1963. This was followed by a five year spell of learning Bharat Natyam with Maruthappa Pillai from 1965 to 1969 to 1997, she was the disciple of Sanjukta Panigrahi.

It was with Sanjukta Panigrahi’s inspiration that Alokananda Roy started her own dance school ‘Chandanaloke”, where certificate course in Odissi dance is personally taught to a select group of students.

Alokananda was awarded a Diploma in Rabindra Sangeet by Dakshinee, Calcutta, in 1968; and a Diploma in Pianoforte by Trinity College, London, in 1967.
Alokananda has been a one time winning candidate for the Miss India title.

Through all her successes over the years, Alokananda Roy has remained an assiduous learner – an artiste who continuously hones and enriches her skills and understanding of her art form.

Alokananda Roy has performed over a thousand times in major shows. She has performed all over India She has toured extensively and repeatedly allover the UK, Europe, USA, Japan, Singapore and other countries. She has been a member of the cultural delegation to the United Kingdom for the Sanskriti Festival and the 125th Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore.

She has performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 1985, the Asian Festival in Japan in 1986, the India Festival, again in Japan in 1988, the Sanskritic Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, in 1985 and tl1e Banga Sanskriti Festival in USA in 1987. She has conducted workshops and lecture demonstrations in different institutions in UK in 1991, 1992, 1996 and 1997. Television has added a further dimension to her audience. She has appeared in countless programs on prime-time National Television.