Synopsis of Gahi Shyammero Gaan of Nazrul

ISLAM in practice , HINDU by thoughts , liberated as CRISTIANITY , unified in HUMANITY is how one would percieve KAZI NAZRUL ISLAM . His literary works , though in Bengali has an universal appeal in terms of fundamentals and thoughts . The diversity of world religions along side the fundamentals of spirituality is the essence of ‘GAAHE SHAAMAYRO GAAN’ – WE SING A SONG OF HARMONY .

Though spiritually inclined he could break through physical and political bondages in form of cultural resistance to injustice , to seek freedom of existance . This cultural presentation choreographed and composed by Alokananda Roy in association of West Bengal Correctional Services , performed by the inmates of the state correctional homes ; brings to the present times , NAZRUL’s vision and motivation for the youth to forward a freedom struggle to liberate a politically enslaved India – ‘BIDROHI’. . . rebelion with a cause !

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