We are a small group comprising people from various walks of life, who believe that criminals need not be condemned forever. Hence our efforts are directed at cultivating more compassion, understanding love and social responsibility. And most important to us are all the inmates (current and released/acquitted) who are, as you know, the very reason for our existence. It is their effort towards redemption and their determination to become responsible citizens that has touched us and our world – TOUCH WORLD.

TOUCH WORLD’s music and dance therapy has burgeoned from a small session in one correctional facility to a major programme embracing three such facilities in West Bengal. The first stage show by the inmates was ‘Brotherhood beyond Boundaries’ based on folk & martial dances of India, with emphasis on national unity and peace.

Over the years the inmates have successfully performed Rabindranath Tagore’s dance dramas starting with “Balmiki Pratibha”, which has been staged at numerous venues winning hearts along with extraordinary acclaim. `Mokshagati’, a film and stage production on the life of King Ashoka was followed by Gahi Shamer O Gaan. The most recent production with the inmates is a lyrical ballad on the life and times of Jesus Christ, called `Dhrubojyoti Tumi, Jishu’.

On 23rd July-09, TOUCH WORLD was registered under the Society’s Registration Act, 1961, vide No. S/IL/62290 of 2009-2010.