About Us

Who we are

Touch World is a non-profit social organization dedicated to working with the inmates of the Correctional Homes in West Bengal with the sole objective of helping them to restore their lives and integrate them into mainstream society in practical sustainable ways.

The inspiration and moving force behind TOUCH WORLD is Smt. Alokananda Roy. A trained classical danseuse of international repute, Alokananda has performed all over the world for the last 50 years, collected numerous awards along the way and now dedicates her energy and creativity to unusual social projects.

Alokananda has been working with correctional facilities in Alipore, Midnapore and Presidency in West Bengal since 2007. Beginning with weekly recreational therapy of music and dance, Alokananda has expanded this to a major activity wherein the inmates now perform full-length dance dramas and ballets in public.

TOUCH WORLD is also fortunate to have Mr. B. D. Sharma, former Additional DGP and IG Correctional Services, West Bengal as the Chief Advisor.


What we do


Culture Therapy

As part of TOUCHWORLD’s Reformation project, cultural therapy in the form of dance and music workshops are held within the Correctional Homes. The inmates are taught different forms of dance and are encouraged to explore their creativity. Their performances and creative work allow them to be appreciated and applauded which gives them a sense of renewed self-esteem.



Touch World has set up a school inside Alipore Women’s Correctional Homes for education for the children who live with their mothers till they are 6 years of age.


Skill Training

The inmates in the correctional homes have training workshops for various skill development that they can use when they are released.



Innumerable obstacles face those who are released, beginning with psycho-social stigma. Most challenging is the paradox of either seeking re-integration into the community or being forced to re-connect with living under criminogenic influences. We at TOUCHWORLD believe that everyone deserves a second chance. As part of the rehabilitation program, we have been able to provide enough resources for some ex-prisoners to gain stability in their lives.

Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life

Our donors are the true drivers of change. They determine the impact we create. Their faith and unwavering support inspires us to work hard at solving every issue that endangers children. Our absolute transparency allows them to engage with the children directly through programme visits. Thus, they get first-hand experience of the difference they are making in the lives, hopes and dreams of these children. We’ve joined hands with lakhs of donors over the years who have humbled us with their generosity, and we strive to make them proud everyday.