Heart Print Project

Touch World - Heart Print Project

Works with children and young adults under the age of 18

TOUCH WORLD is a non-profit social organization working with the inmates of the Correctional Homes in West Bengal with the sole objective of helping them to restore their lives and integrate them into mainstream society in practical sustainable ways.

Touch World works with inmates both inside & outside the Correctional Homes in West Bengal.

Inside Presidency Correctional Home, the inmates are involved with dance therapy on a regular basis. The inmates have successfully performed Rabindranath Tagore’s dance dramas for the West Bengal Arts Festival.  Their production, `Balmiki Pratibha’ has been performed at over 50 venues all over the country in the past few years.


HEART PRINT – a project under TOUCHWORLD, works with children and young adults under the age of 18 (eighteen).

Outside the Correctional Homes, the first Project of TOUCH WORLD has been to support the education of children of the inmates in mainstream English Medium schools. Project HEARTPRINT was then started.

HEART PRINT aims to work with children from three different sections of society. These are children who are ostracized, marginalized and are susceptible to a criminal life. it is already known to us that so many children who grow up in poverty, have difficult childhoods, disturbed families and lack proper guardians end up either committing crimes or being victims of crimes. These are children who have been led the wrong way, their lives distorted but it is not their fault. It is a reflection of society, of our institutions and of our systems that so many children grow up to be distressed.


TOUCH WORLD aims to help them find ways to have a healthy life, to be educated and support themselves financially without having to resort to crime.


SECTION A: The Women’s Correctional Home allows young children to live inside with their mothers till the age of 6 (six). A school was set up for them inside the correctional home and they are given basic education and a space where they can play and be carefree. A few boys have also been admitted into Don Bosco Boarding School, an English Medium school.


SECTION B: The Juvenile Observatory Home is filled with many young boys who are misled and need guidance. We plan to provide them the different avenues required to equip them with education and skills that may help them in avoiding criminal acts. A Training Program is currently in progress where the Offenders attend dance and music workshops to inculcate a sense of dignity and self respect.


SECTION C: Children from economically challenged families are more prone to a life of crime as they live in poor conditions. Many of them are drop outs. We plan to involve them in different developmental activities and provide vocational training for the young adults.


Problem Statement​

Children require good health, in body and mind, education and guidance to groom them into being contributing members of society.

Today, many young children commit crimes due to their financial situation and/or their environment. The Crime epidemic is an unending vicious cycle that starts with poverty, lack of education and guidance.

We plan to help the children who are susceptible to criminal behavior and keep the youth occupied with something constructive, be it sports, music, dance, theatre or vocational training so that avenues will open for them to fend for themselves.


Project Justification

Poverty is the mother of crime. It is shown that people living in poverty experience the feelings of dispossession and unfairness [relative deprivation], which leads to frustration. Research also shows that high rates of homicide accompany high levels of inequality.

Children and young adults have malleable minds and it is what they do in this stage of their lives that can affect their livelihood. Young children who grow up in poverty are more likely to commit crimes.

Hence it is imperative that they are provided with the right nutrition, education, guidance and support in order for them to become contributing members of society.


Project Goals

The main objective of the HEART PRINT Project is to provide education, training, and opportunities for employment for children and young adults living within Correctional Homes and those who may be led to the crime.


The goals of the project are :


Project Activities

Section A of this project has been started and is continuing.

The Activities for Section B and Section C will be grouped together where young boys who are released from the homes and those who come from economically challenged families will be taught in the same space so as to not invoke the feeling of isolation or segregation. The list of activities are as below:

Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life

Our donors are the true drivers of change. They determine the impact we create. Their faith and unwavering support inspires us to work hard at solving every issue that endangers children. Our absolute transparency allows them to engage with the children directly through programme visits. Thus, they get first-hand experience of the difference they are making in the lives, hopes and dreams of these children. We’ve joined hands with lakhs of donors over the years who have humbled us with their generosity, and we strive to make them proud everyday.