Reformation Projects

Touch World - Reformation Project

Reformation project and cultural therapy.

TOUCH WORLD is a non-profit social organization working with the inmates of the Correctional Homes in West Bengal with the sole objective of helping them to restore their lives and integrate them into mainstream society in practical sustainable ways.


Touch World works with inmates both inside & outside the Correctional Homes in West Bengal and its’ Reformation Project has been ongoing since the conception of the organization.


As part of TOUCHWORLD’s Reformation project, cultural therapy in the form of dance and music workshops are held within the Correctional Homes. The inmates are taught different forms of dance and are encouraged to explore their creativity. Their performances and creative work allow them to be appreciated and applauded which gives them a sense of renewed self-esteem.


Not all the inmates participate in the performances, but they manage the productions themselves. All the backstage work is done by the inmates- lighting, set design, even the costumes are made by them. They all work collectively to produce the performances.


Problem Statement

The Correctional Homes where criminals are sentenced to, sometimes for life, hardly
leads to reformed beings as there is not much done to reform them. The lives they
lead within the walls often lead them to depression and lack of motivation. Their
identity is reduced to a number. The system does not facilitate any change in
character and sometimes lead to worse outcomes.


Project Justification

The inmates are capable of being contributing members of society, many of them
have immense talent and have an array of potentialities within them but these
qualities will remain suppressed if the avenues are not opened for them. The past 14 years have shown that cultural therapy does work in reforming the inmates and
giving them renewed self-esteem and a sense of identity beyond their crimes.


Project Goals

This project has been working towards the reformation of inmates through different
activities. The project goals are:


Project Activities

Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life

Our donors are the true drivers of change. They determine the impact we create. Their faith and unwavering support inspires us to work hard at solving every issue that endangers children. Our absolute transparency allows them to engage with the children directly through programme visits. Thus, they get first-hand experience of the difference they are making in the lives, hopes and dreams of these children. We’ve joined hands with lakhs of donors over the years who have humbled us with their generosity, and we strive to make them proud everyday.