Rehabilitation Project

Touch World - Rehabilitation Project

Rehabilitation project for ex-prisoners

We at TOUCH WORLD believe that everyone deserves a second chance. As part of the rehabilitation program, we have been able to provide enough resources for some ex-prisoners to gain stability in their lives.


Problem Statement​

Innumerable obstacles face those who are released, beginning with psycho-social stigma. Most challenging is the paradox of either seeking re-integration into the community or being forced to re-connect with living under criminogenic influences.


Project Justification

The released inmates have immense potential to contribute to the society- culturally and economically. Having a source of income can help them get back on their feet without having to resort to criminal behaviour. Their participation in society leads to a more holistic existence.


Project Goals


Project Activities

There are no specific activities under this project. The funds received are used to set up small businesses for the released inmates for them to have some source of income. They receive skill training when inside the correctional homes that can help them gain employment or start a small business.

Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life

Our donors are the true drivers of change. They determine the impact we create. Their faith and unwavering support inspires us to work hard at solving every issue that endangers children. Our absolute transparency allows them to engage with the children directly through programme visits. Thus, they get first-hand experience of the difference they are making in the lives, hopes and dreams of these children. We’ve joined hands with lakhs of donors over the years who have humbled us with their generosity, and we strive to make them proud everyday.